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The development of modular vocational education programs has started

This is the fourth year when Latvia ESF project “Development of sectoral qualifications system and increasing the efficiency and quality of vocational education” (01.12.2010-31.08.2015) is being implemented. One of project activities is the development of modular vocational education programmes. This activity is implemented by National Centre for Education.

In 2013, the National Centre for Education has created the „Guidelines for the modular vocational education programme development”. In March 2014, the development of modular vocational education programmes has been launched in 14 sectors by using validated Guidelines. The modular approach will allow for initial vocational education to prepare students mainly in basic professions, but for continuing education to provide specialization without duplicating common professional competences for sector and lifelong learning competences. Therefore the continuity and systematic approach to vocational education will be provided. For example, in the energy sector for initial vocational education is developed programme “Electric technician”, but for continuous education – programmes “Electric installations technician”, “Electrical network technician” and “Industrial electrical engineering technician”. Overall, 52 modular vocational education programmes development is started, 20 of them are initial vocational education programmes and 32 – continuing vocational education programmes.

Source:National Centre for Education

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