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New procedures for accrediting education institutions and evaluating heads of education institutions

On 20 December 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new regulation “Procedure for accrediting education institutions, examination centres and other institutions, general and vocational education programmes specified by the Education Law, and for evaluating the professional activity of heads of secondary schools affiliated to state higher education institutions and heads of state and municipal education institutions” that henceforth regulates the accreditation of educational institutions and educational programmes, as well as the assessment procedures of the heads of educational institutions.

International indicators of the quality of vocational education (EQAVET) were included in the regulation:

1. teachers’ participation in the improvement of professional competence;
2. the participation of learners in vocational education programs;
3. vocational education graduates;
4. graduates’ employment;
5. use of acquired skills at the workplace;
6. inclusion of risk groups in vocational education;
7. identification of demand for vocational education programs in the labour market;
8. increasing accessibility to vocational education programs.

Changes in the accreditation procedure of educational institutions and educational programs foresee also the rights for the State Education Quality Service to propose an extraordinary accreditation and extraordinary assessment of heads of the educational institutions upon a request by the founder of educational institution or the Ministry of Education and Science. The new regulation reinforces the role of the founder of the educational institution regarding quality assurance of education, increases requirements for making a decision on the accreditation of educational institutions or educational programs, as well as other changes.

The regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers sets a detailed procedure for assessing the professional activity of the heads of educational institutions and contains standards for the implementation of the recommendations by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers entered into force on 23 December 2016.

The regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers is available here (in Latvian).


Source: State Education Quality Service


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