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Latvian legislation strengthens the activity of Sectoral Expert Councils

On 15 July 2016, the government approved the procedure for establishing sectoral expert councils, their functioning and operational coordination, thus, with external regulations ensuring their functions, rights and operation in the long term.

The regulation provides that a Sectoral experts council is composed of representatives of employers’ organizations, trade unions and their associations, sectoral professional organizations, as well as the relevant ministries. In accordance with specific issues in the competence of the council representatives of public entities (including state institutions, local governments, planning regions and educational institutions or their founders) and other sectoral experts can be involved.

Among other things, the regulation specifies that representatives of employers’ organizations and sectoral professional organizations shall comprise at least half of the members of the respective council. The decision to establish or dissolve a council is adopted by the Tripartite Cooperation sub-council of Vocational Education and Employment (hereinafter – Cooperation sub-council) forming part of the National Tripartite Cooperation Council.

The Cooperation sub-council will approve regulations of every sectoral expert council, their institutional representation and composition.

The regulation of Cabinet of Ministers is available here (in Latvian).


Source: Cabinet of Ministers


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