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Latvian young professionals win 9 medals in the competition EuroSkills 2016

The largest and most prestigious European vocational skills competition for young professionals EuroSkills 2016 was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 1 to 3 December. In total, 490 participants from 28 countries competed in 35 professions.

Latvian team participated with great success and won the eighth place with 507 points, which is above the level of excellence. Nine out of 12 participants won medals.

Silver medals, as well as the award “Best of the Nation” were claimed by fashion technology duo Ieva Bluma (Riga Style and Fashion Vocational School) and Kate Stroža (Daugavpils Design and Art School “Sun School”).

Bronze medals won window-dresser Linda Vilka (Liepāja Design and Art School), cabinetmaker Reinis Gusts (Cēsis Professional Secondary School), and agricultural mechanic Krišjānis Jurāns (Priekuļu Technical College).

Medals for Excellence were received by the cook Kristiāna Šteinfelde (Kandava Agricultural Technical College), the graphic designer Anete Aizbalte (Daugavpils Design and Art School “Sun School”), the electrician Andis Lācis (Riga State Technical School), and the web developer Igors Novickis (Riga Technical College).

The competition aims to encourage achievements in vocational education in the participating countries, give prestige to vocational education and professions, and to demonstrate the excellence of youth. EuroSkills competition takes place every two years, alternating with the worldwide competition WorldSkills. Young people can participate only once in each of these competitions.

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Source: State Education Development Agency


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