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Vocational education will continue to implement measures to improve sectoral qualifications system

On 8 February 2017, a seminar was held in Ventspils for the leaders of the educational administrations of the cities and counties, as well as the directors of the vocational education institutions on the implementation of the ESF specific support projects and the planned activities in year 2017. The participants were introduced to the content, objectives and key planned activities of the project “Improvement of sectoral qualifications system for the development and quality assurance of vocational education”.

The aim of the project SAM: 8.5.2. “Ensuring the development of vocational education in compliance with European qualifications framework” is to improve sectoral qualifications system. This will be achieved by improving the content of the vocational education and updating and developing occupational standards and requirements of the professional qualifications in accordance with the Latvian qualifications framework, as well as developing the content of the examinations for the professional qualifications by introducing the modular approach of the curriculum and providing the necessary means for the qualitative implementation of the programmes. The direct aim of the project is to develop a suitable content of vocational education for the changing labour market needs and provide vocational education in compliance with the European qualifications framework.
The total funding of the project is above €12,1 million, including the co-financing of The European Union Fund of €10,3 million.
The project will be implemented by the National Centre for Education of Latvia and implementation period is from 16 December 2016 until the end of the year 2021. The project partners are Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia, the Latvian Agricultural Organisation Cooperation Council and State Education Quality Service.

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