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New Classification of Occupations

On 23 May 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new regulation “Classification of Occupations, the basic tasks appropriate to the occupation and the basic qualification requirements”. In the Classification of Occupation the occupations are classified in groups according to the codes specified by the International Labour Organization, as well the basic qualification requirements and the basic tasks appropriate to the occupation are stated. The regulation describes the main requirements that must be known and understood by everyone when entering a profession.

The Classification of Occupations is a systematic list of occupations (trades, professions, specialities) that is created to ensure the accounting and comparison of labour force that complies with international practice.
If compared to previous regulation, the “Classification of Occupations” has changed its form, i.e., the classification of occupations is in the form of tables, in order to make it easier and more comprehensible for the Classification of Occupations’ user to find the required occupation and its code.

The structure of the new Classification of Occupations:

  • occupations grouped in 10 major groups according to the classification codes defined in the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08) in ascending order;
  • major groups in which occupations are classified in sub-major groups and in minor groups, where occupations of high similarity are combined;
  • minor groups in which occupations are classified in unit groups, which combine the corresponding occupations of a certain field;
  • basic qualification requirements appropriate to the occupation (minimum level of education, the theoretical knowledge, skills and level of responsibility which ensure successful performance of basic tasks of work), indicated in the minor groups of occupations and are applicable to all the occupations of the unit groups included therein;
  • basic tasks appropriate to the occupation which are indicated for each unit group.

The Classification of Occupations does not include occupations of State security institutions.

The regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers entered into the force on 1 June, 2017.

The regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers is available here (in Latvian).


Source: Ministry of Welfare


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