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The acquisition of a profession within the framework of the Youth Guarantee will continue until 2023

On August 2017, in order to continue providing the opportunity for young people during one or one and a half year to acquire the occupation demanded in the labor market, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the solution proposed in the informative statement by the Ministry of Education and Science, thus promoting the competitiveness of these young people and their long-term involvement in the labor market.

Young people aged between 17 and 29 who are not employed or studying, will continue their training under the EU Structural Funds project “Implementation of initial vocational education programmes within the framework of the Youth Guarantee” implemented by the State Education Development Agency (SEDA), the deadline of which is extended until December 31, 2023.

In turn, for young people aged between 17 and 24, who are employed, training support will be available under the SEDA’s EU Structural Funds project “Improvement of the Professional Skills of Employed Persons”, enabling the possibility to apply for the training already in September 2017.

The informative statement “On further support for young people who do not study, do not work or do not study for the craft, and young people employed for the acquiring of initial vocational education programmes for the acquisition of second and third professional qualification levels during one or one and a half academic year” and the Cabinet of Ministers protocol decision (August 16, 2017) are available here (in Latvian).

Cabinet Regulation No. 207 (April 28, 2015, with amendments of August 29, 2017) “Operational Programme “Growth and Employment” 7.2.1. Specific Aid Objective “To Increase the Employment of Young People not in Employment, Education or Training and to Facilitate their Participation in Education within the Framework of Youth Guarantee” Implementation of Measures of the “Implementation of Active Labor Market Policy Measures for the Promotion of the Employment of Young Unemployed Persons” and “Implementation of Initial Vocational Education Programmes within the Framework of the Youth Guarantee” is available here (in Latvian).


Source: Cabinet of Ministers


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