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A guidebook to working with adults in vocational schools has been published

National Centre for Education (NCE) has published methodological material “Practical guidebook to working with adults in vocational schools”, which was developed within ESF project “The effective management of vocational education institutions and the improvement of personnel competence”.

The methodological material is designed as a manual, which offers methods, tools information sources, guidelines for planning adult education in vocational education institutions.

From October 2018 to June 2019, within the framework of the project NCE organises a series of seminars “Andragogy – principles and practices of adult education” (32 hours long) which are intended for administrative staff and teachers of vocational schools who are implementing adult education programmes.

Within the framework of the project seminars “Challenges in adult education” will also be organised, which will examine in more detail the topics included in the methodological material on the promotion of the prestige and attractiveness of vocational education, the development of pricelist of paid services for vocational schools, the calculation of the cost of adult education services, pre-emptive labour market research, etc.

Electronical version of the methodological material in Latvian is available at NCE webpage and on site

Source: NCE


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