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More than 14 000 inhabitants have applied 4th round of adult education

Fourth round of adult education programme has concluded. In total 22 778 applications for learning have been received from 14 136 people. Inhabitants will be informed about confirmation of learning in the coming weeks. At the end of July and in August forming of groups and learning will begin.

This time, people had a chance to apply for 12 economic sectors and completely new 8 lifelong learning competences. The greatest interest was shown in the following sectors and lifelong learning competencies:

  1. ICT and manufacture of electronic and optical equipment (9275);
  2. Lifelong learning competences (4988);
  3. Catering services and tourism (1525);
  4. Metalworking, mechanical engineering and machinery (1169);
  5. Manufacture of textiles, clothing, leather and leather products (1158).

In total, more than 800 education programmes are available which are of various content and length, and they are offered by 82 education institutions all around Latvia.

Adult education programme is organised by State Education Development Agency in cooperation with local governments of Latvia, education institutions and State Employment Agency within ESF project “Improvement of the professional competence of the employed persons” (1.01.2017-31.12.2022).

Source: SEDA


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