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All 162 occupational standards have been developed

All 162 occupational standards envisaged in ESF project “Improving the sectoral qualifications system for the development and quality assurance of vocational education” (2016-2021) implemented by National Centre for Education have been developed.

Four remaining occupational standards developed within the project in April 2019 were approved by National Tripartite Subcouncil for Cooperation in Vocational Education and Employment. Thereby, two out of six main activities of the project are considered completed.

In total, 162 occupational standards were developed in the following industries: tourism, printing and publishing, manufacture of electronic and optical equipment, communication technologies, construction, entrepreneurship, health, art, metalworking and power.

For more information on the project and its activities, visit the National Centre for Education website (information about the project is available in Latvian).

Source: NCE


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