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The final admission for Youth guarantee has begun

Until August 30, unemployed young people aged 17 to 29 who have acquired secondary education can apply for Youth guarantee vocational education programmes in 22 vocational schools in 40 occupations. Participation in these programmes which is free of charge and lasts one and a half year.

Youth guarantee programmes are available since 2014. Since the start of the programmes, almost 8000 young people have acquired learning, of which 72% graduates were employed half a year after graduation.

In the current round of applications 40 occupations are offered of which the most popular among young people are: cook, confectioner, accountant, SPA specialist, car mechanic, logistics worker, babysitter, customer service specialist, financial worker and programming technician.

For more information about Youth guarantees admission rules visit the website of State Education Development Agency (in Latvian).

Source: SEDA


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