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International conference on apprenticeships

International conference “Trainers ­– the key to apprenticeship success?” was organised by the Ministry of Education and Science on 30 October 2019.

The conference was attended by the representatives of the network from six countries: Latvia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Slovakia, as well as other stakeholders. The conference highlighted the development of apprenticeship type schemes in Latvia and the Member States, as well as the role of trainers. A unified Baltic approach (tandem training) developed in the Erasmus+ project “Testing new approaches to training VET and workplace tutors for work -based learning (TTT4WBL)”, as well as the results achieved were also presented at the conference.

The event was organised for the third year in the context of Berlin memorandum on cooperation in VET, signed in Berlin in 2012. The Memorandum provides for joint measures to reduce the youth unemployment, including better access to skilled jobs for young people.


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