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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations on the recognition of learning outcomes acquired in the previous education and professional experience were approved (10.01.2012)

On January 10 (2012) the Cabinet of Ministers approved Regulations “Regulations of recognizing the learning outcomes acquired in the previous education and professional experience” (in force since January 13) that were issued in accordance with the Law on Higher Education Institutions, Article 592, Part 5 (1995, amendments in force since 1.08.2011). These Regulations determine the procedures for the assessment and recognition of learning outcomes (for higher education level) obtained during the previous education or professional experience, as well as criteria for recognition.

The decision regarding the recognition of learning outcomes is taken by the Commission of Learning Outcomes Recognition established in the relevant higher education institution or college. In the case of recognition, the Commission awards a certain volume of credit points to the applicant.

The learning outcomes achieved through professional experience may be recognized only within the part of study programme including practice; furthermore, these learning outcomes should be obtained in a profession relevant to the educational thematic field of particular study programme. Meanwhile, the learning outcomes acquired in the previous education may be recognized if they correspond to higher education stage and have been achieved through:

  • Continuing vocational education programme, which leads to the Latvian professional qualification level 4 or 5 (EQF level 5-7);
  • Individual course of a study programme or study module, which an applicant has acquired as a listener;
  • Part of a study programme;
  • Other types of education mastered outside formal education, except study programmes preparing for the regulated professions.

Applicant who is not student of particular study programme, after the recognition of their learning outcomes can be matriculated in the relevant study stage of the mentioned study programme, and if need be, additional study courses or modules to be acquired or exams may be assigned.

Full text of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations (LV).

Source: Cabinet of Ministers


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