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Vocational education will continue to implement measures to improve sectoral qualifications system

On 8 February 2017, a seminar was held in Ventspils for the leaders of the educational administrations of the cities and counties, as well as the directors of the vocational education institutions on the implementation of the ESF specific support projects and the planned activities in year 2017. The participants were introduced to the content, objectives and key planned activities of the project “Improvement of sectoral qualifications system for the development and quality assurance of vocational education”. Read the rest of this entry »

Approved EUR 6.5 million for further education of teachers in vocational education institutions

On 3 May 2016, the government approved “The implementing regulation of the operational programme “Growth and Employment”, the specific objective 8.5.3. “Ensuring effective management of vocational education institutions and the development of professional competence of its personnel”. The total planned funding is EUR 6.5 million, including EUR 5.5 million from the European Social Fund and almost EUR 1 million as national public co-financing.

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Vocational schools will receive 104.7 million Euro for further modernization

On 29 April 2016, the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 249 “Regulations for implementing the specific objective of the operational programme “Growth and Employment” 8.1.3. ”Increase the number of modernized vocational education institutions”” entered into force that were elaborated by the Ministry of Education.

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Government supports the second round for modernising vocational education establishments (22.01.2013)

On 22 January 2013, the government approved the project of Cabinet Regulations “Regulations on implementing the second project selection round of the Action Programme “Infrastructure and Services” supplement activity “Modernisation of education facilities and improvement of infrastructure for implementing vocational education programmes””, which was elaborated by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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The Cabinet of Ministers supported additional investment in vocational education (8.05.2012)

On May 8 (2012), the Cabinet of Ministers supported the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Science to invest additional LVL 62 million from the EU funds in vocational education and science. This is the most significant and purposeful investment in the development of Latvian vocational education.

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