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Cultural event for vocational education students and teachers “I call your name – Latvia!”

In honour of 95th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia, which will be celebrated in 18 November 2013, during this study year 2012/2013 an event for vocational students and teachers “I call your name – Latvia!” will be arranged at national scale. The aim of this event is to engage vocational education students in the strengthening national identity and civil awareness, in the preserving and developing national traditions and cultural values, as well as to popularise vocational education system and leisure education in Latvia and Europe.

The event will be organized in two rounds: the first round will be held in vocational education establishments and the historic regions of Latvia; and the second round – culmination and concluding event – will occur in Balvi County (eastern part of Latvia).

In October 2012, working groups will be established in each historic region including leisure education specialists from vocational schools, music and art schools, as well as independent experts. These four working groups will elaborate agenda for their regions in relation to their topic: Zemgale “Love”, Kurzeme “Friendship”, Vidzeme “Responsibility”, Latgale „Light”. It is planned to set up and present from vocational education establishments to Balvi local government Craftsmen Square.

The responsible institutions in the historic regions of Latvia are:

  • Kurzeme – Kuldiga Technology and Tourism Vocational Secondary School (Kuldīgas Tehnoloģiju un tūrisma profesionālā vidusskola)
  • Latgale – Malnava College (Malnavas koledža)
  • Vidzeme – State Priekuli and Janmuiza Technical Scool (Priekuļu un Jāņmuižas Valsts tehnikums);
  • Zemgale – Ogre State Technical School (Ogres Valsts tehnikums).

More information about the event (LV).

Source: VISC


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