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New opportunities to travel in the ‘’World of Professions’’

State Education Development Agency has designed new web portal The aim of the portal is to expand students’ perceptions of diversity of professions and to provide information on the content and requirements for these professions or information on employees, as well as generate students’ interest and desire to explore in depth the world of work and their personal careers.

“World of Professions” is designed as a virtual city that consists of companies, where you can find most typical professions. There can be found description of each profession, an interview with the representative of the particular profession, photo gallery, professional training and educational opportunities in the future and videos.

While building structure of professions and descriptions of occupations Profession classificator of the Republic of Latvia, ESF project “Development of sectoral qualifications system and increasing the efficiency and quality of vocational education” descriptions of sector and qualifications frameworks, as well as advice from the companies and associations that represent the particular industry were used.

Currently the virtual city is working by using Flash Technologies. To view companies and offered professions without using Flash technologies, use the sitemap.
“World of Professions” is maintained by the State Education Development Agency Career Guidance Department.

Source: VIAA


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