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Plan approved by the government for adult education 2016-2020

In the Cabinet of Ministers meeting on 3 May 2016 the Government approved the “Adult education management model implementation plan for 2016-2020”. The plan provides for the establishment of a unified and sustainable adult education system and is oriented to a transparent and harmonised system activity, taking into account regional needs, medium and long-term labour market forecasts. It will offer high quality education for adults, creating a coherent legislative framework and efficient resource (including financial) administration.

The implementation of the adult education policy is planned for the whole territory of Latvia, involving several parties: the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Welfare, the State Education Development Agency, local authorities, institutions of higher education, colleges and competence centres of vocational education, the formal and non-formal education institutions, employers’ associations, NGOs and other social partners, as well as involving the ministries of other sectors (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice) that implement adult education in order to meet the sectoral needs for professional development.

In order to prevent the fragmentation of responsibility and duties, the proposed adult education model foresees the creation of a Management Board of Adult Education (PIPP), which will include the representatives of the ministries and organisations involved in adult education. The Board is expected to ensure overall monitoring of the system.

Competence of the Ministry of Education and Science will be the improvement of professional skills and retraining of the employed. The Ministry of Welfare will oversee the return to the labour market of the unemployed in accordance with the short-term labour market forecasts and the work with the persons who are subject to the risk of social exclusion, refugees and persons with alternative status. The Ministry of Economy will carry out the labour market analysis and develop the labour market medium-term and long-term forecasts.

For the implementation of the “Adult education management model implementation plan for 2016-2020” initially the 8.4.1. specific objective “To improve the professional competence of the employed persons” funding of EUR 27 million will be used.

Current information on the professional development, continuing education or non-formal education opportunities will be available on and the website of State Education Development Agency


Source: MoES


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