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7208 people have applied for adult education’s second round

EU fund project for adult education “Improvement of the professional competence of the employed persons” (1.01.2017-31.12.2022) implemented by State Education Development Agency in cooperation with municipalities of Latvia, education institutions and the State Employment Agency has received 7565 applications for learning in 63 vocational education institutions.

In total 7208 employed persons have submitted applications, of which 5% has applied for multiple education programmes). The rise of numbers is significant considering that in last autumn only 5565 individuals applied for the adult education project.

Inhabitants had an opportunity to apply for learning opportunities in 12 different economic sectors:

  • construction;
  • printing and media technologies;
  • manufacture of electronic and optical equipment, information and communication technologies;
  • energetics;
  • catering services and tourism;
  • wood industry;
  • culture;
  • chemical industry;
  • metalworking, mechanical engineering and machinery;
  • food industry and agriculture;
  • manufacture of textiles, clothing, leather and leather products;
  • transport and logistics.

Most applications were submitted for the transport and logistics industry (2197), also for manufacture of electronic and optical equipment, information and communication technologies industry (1605) and catering services and tourism industry (667). Least applications were submitted for the food industry and agriculture (3) and chemical industry (12).

Among the types of training programs selected the most popular are non-formal education programs (5784 applications) followed by vocational training programs (983) and vocational development programs (889).

The most popular learning programme is “Category C drivers training” with 1146 applications (transport and logistics industry). “Data analysis and reporting” with 735 applications (ICT industry) also was very popular among participants.

Participants have yet to receive the approval of a learning application so they could close a learning contract and make co-payment (10% of tuition fees) in early June. In terms of the project only those educational programmes that have received sufficient number of submissions will be implemented. If particular programme is not provided, individuals will have opportunity to apply for one in the next rounds which are expected to start at the end of the summer and early autumn 2018.

More about this topic in Latvian here.

Source: State Education Development Agency


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