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Agreement was reached on the qualifications demanded by labour market

In March 2018 educators and employers reached an agreement on the professional qualifications that are demanded in the labour market.

The project “Improvement of the sectoral qualification system for the development and quality assurance of vocational education” (16.12.2016-31.12.2021) implemented by the National Centre for Education with the financial support of ESF involves five actions in total. The first action “Improvement of the sectoral qualifications system by conducting sectoral research and improving the framework” was successfully finished. The sectoral qualifications system and 14 sectoral qualification frameworks were improved and a new sectoral qualification framework was developed for the Art design and creative industries sector.

The following tasks were carried out in terms of the first action:

  • Sectoral processes have been evaluated by defining the basic processes and functions, as well as tasks to be done in the sector, areas of activity have been differentiated – sectors and basic processes – sectoral components or branches with a mission and defined specifics that are formed on the basis of common processes or features;
  • Improved or developed sectoral qualification level descriptions according to the Latvian Qualifications Framework levels, general characteristics of sectoral occupations have been developed;
  • Improved or elaborated descriptions of sectoral occupation, overviews for sectorial occupations, its specializations and linked occupations have been developed;
  • A map of occupations linked to the sector has been developed, i.e., visualized summaries of the existing occupations’ compliance with the European Qualifications Framework and the Latvian Qualifications Framework levels.

The activities in the other actions of the project are in process, for example, 26 teaching/learning aids are being developed for vocational education students and teachers.

More about this topic in Latvian here.


Source: VISC


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