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In the fourth round of applications more than 9000 employed has started adult education

Groups for learning have been formed resulting in more than 9000 employees enrolled in 66 education institutions. In parallel with the learning, the development of education programmes for the next round is under way.

In the fourth round of applications for adult education, the most popular were non-formal education programmes (shortest in the project), which were selected by more than 5800 employees. Those were followed by continuing vocational education programmes (completion leads to an occupation), which were chosen by 1500 workers, followed by the same number of employees selecting professional development programmes (completion leads to state recognised certificate). The smallest number of employees – less than 200 – chose one of the modules in vocational education programme.

The most popular education programmes selected by the employees were:

  • Data analysis and reporting;
  • Digital marketing;
  • ABC of team management;
  • Project management with Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kaban;
  • Logistics worker.

In total 26 444 employed persons have taken advantage of adult education programmes offered by State Education Development Agency (SEDA) within ESF project “Competence development of employed persons” (2017-2022). From all inhabitants involved in the project nearly 17 000 workers have already completed learning.

For more information about adult education programmes and the next round of applications (in Latvian) visit SEDA webpage.

Source: SEDA


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