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The Cabinet of Ministers supported additional investment in vocational education (8.05.2012)

On May 8 (2012), the Cabinet of Ministers supported the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Science to invest additional LVL 62 million from the EU funds in vocational education and science. This is the most significant and purposeful investment in the development of Latvian vocational education.

The approved funding is planned for several measures. First, LVL 31 million will be allocated to the implementation of the sub-activity “Modernisation of education facilities and improvement of infrastructure for implementing vocational education programmes”. The funding will support the modernisation and development up to 10 vocational education competence centres that would ensure an advanced level vocational education corresponding to labour market needs. Thus, in total around LVL 100 million (funding of the EU funds) will be invested in the modernisation of vocational education.

Second, regarding the action plan for combating youth unemployment, additional financial support of the State and European Commission comprising LVL 4.3 million will be allocated to the activity “Support to the quality improvement and implementation of initial vocational education programmes”. As result, starting from the autumn 2012, it will be possible to admit more students to 1-1.5 years-long vocational education programmes involving also the unemployed with a low education level.

Third, LVL 2 million will be invested in the activity “Development of professional orientation and career education in education system”, which would allow resuming the implementation of career education measures in 2013 across the territory of Latvia.

The rest of the funding will be allocated to the activities “Support to science and research”, “Development of science infrastructure” and “Attraction of human resources to science”.

Source: MoES


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