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Amendments to the Vocational Education Law were approved (19.04.2012)

On April 19 (2012), Saeima (the Parliament of Latvia) approved amendments to the Vocational Education Law that was initially approved in 1999. These amendments refer to the titles of vocational education establishments regarding education level and qualification they provide, i.e., vocational basic school, vocational school, vocational secondary school, technical school (tehnikums), and college.

According to the amendments, from now on an association also will be able to function as a vocational education establishment and apply for state funding similar to other vocational education establishments. Furthermore, articles referring to the procedure how the status of a vocational education competence centre is allocated, refused and nullified to a vocational education establishment.

The new amendments foresee that the government is responsible to state the service price-list of vocational education establishment conducting the recognition of professional competence obtained outside formal education. The duration of vocational basic education programmes for students with mental disabilities has been stipulated, i.e. no longer than three years.

The full text of the Vocational Education Law is available here (English translation is below).

Source: MoES


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